Web design is what we do, but as a company we pride ourselves on providing a long term working relationship with each of our clients . Our knowledge, quality programming, affordability, effective search engine optimization and personalized customer service is what sets us apart from the others.

EasyWebWorks was created  to provide web design & online services for small & medium-sized businesses. Built on years of experience in various technical and customer service industries and a desire to help our clients expand and extend their reach through the use of creativity and technology in their businesses.

Located on Vancouver Island, BC, we work with small and medium-sized businesses all over Vancouver Island and around the world. Our designers, marketing specialists, & web developers enjoy the lifestyle while developing cutting edge social media and web development strategies.

We believe that we succeed when our clients succeed, which shows in our continuing commitment.

EasyWebWorks  is a division of the PCS group.

Some More Info

Were on a mission to create and deliver the best we can without compromise in everything we do. And not to brag, well maybe a tiny bit, but it’s paid off.

Give it your all, with a smile! Do it right the first time and always learn from the smallest mistakes.

Stay focused on quality not quantity.  So if we happen to politely tell you we can’t take on your project at this time or not until next month it’s because of the focus.

We always consider a client to be a partner who we work closing with to achieve a single common goal, your success!

Just A Bit Of Bragging

Web Design 90
Hosting & Web Management 85
Graphic Design 95
Satisfaction 99

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